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About Nancy

Nancy will work tirelessly for constituent’s interests, for the well being of Ontario: the planet, creating jobs, and advancing health. She will work to prepare Essex County for the impacts of climate change, while creating jobs, and heighten action on improving health care.

Climate change will cost Canada $5 billion dollars by 2020; flooded basements, lost crops, and damage to infrastructure. Essex County has the lowest levels of natural areas (6.89%) in the province and we recently received an F grade due to the state of our natural areas. Our community is ill prepared for climate change impacts and recent science says we have under two years to prepare.

Nancy was a voice recently protecting Ojibway Prairie from a large corporation’s Big Box development. Nancy wasn’t afraid to stand up to a large corporation, even when many politicians didn’t, for the integrity of our community now and its future.

Nancy will work hard to help Essex prepare for climate change by: increasing our natural areas, conserving farmland and advocating for better transportation networks. Nancy is very supportive of the Green Building Program, creating jobs and helping you save money with energy reduction.

Health issues are important. We need to reduce overcrowding in hospitals with better use existing resources and ensure health care investment is focused on frontline services rather than administration, and provide all health care professionals with mental health and addictions training. Spend the money here, rather then on infrastructure/urban sprawl to a new mega hospital.

We need a candidate who sees climate change as a priority, for our planet, jobs, and health. No other candidate has a track record like Nancy. Decisions we make today will have profound impacts on our economy, prosperity, health and our planet.

Nancy has a B.A., B. Comm. Hon., and B. Ed. from the University of Windsor and recently became an ESL specialist from Queen’s University. Nancy has been married to Jeff Pancheshan for 21 years and they have two beautiful children. They have lived in LaSalle for the past 18 years.

Campaign Office

1270 Golfview Dr., Windsor, ON N9J 1Y7, Canada

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