Nancy Ghuman

Etobicoke North


Nancy Ghuman is a graduate with a Masters in Environmental Studies, and is currently working as a Civil Servant in Toronto’s Energy Sector. Nancy has been an advocate for sustainable and progressive policies in the city of Toronto, as well as being instrumental in initiatives that highlighted accessible transit, a task force that promoted clearer nutritional guidelines as well as banning plastic water bottles on York University’s Campus. Nancy also volunteers with a local youth shelter in Rexdale.

As your candidate for Etobicoke North, Nancy will dedicate herself to ensuring that our community is sustainable, productive, and safeguarded from the harsh economic transitions often accompanied with a city like Toronto. Nancy will work tirelessly to advocate for: affordable and innovative housing policies, community safety by promoting mental health initiatives over policing, fighting to reduce payroll taxes for small businesses and ensuring a living wage, creating an innovation and technology fund for youth with a focus on STEM learning, and universal access to dental care and prescription medication in Ontario.

The Green Party is not just focused on the broader environmental issues, but also the problems that affect us in our local communities, on a grass roots level. Nancy will work to enrich the community of Etobicoke North; through People, Power, Change.