Morgan Bailey

Don Valley West

About Morgan

Morgan Bailey is running for the Green Party of Ontario because he is committed to housing affordability, fiscal responsibility, and a green economy fueled by renewable energy. Morgan grew up in rural Ontario and has been living in Toronto for more than 10 years , calling several neighbourhoods home.

Morgan completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Toronto, and after three years working, returned to school to complete an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Public Relations at Humber College.

In 2015, Morgan became a steering committee member for the non-profit advocacy group All In, where he volunteered with several individuals working toward creating inclusive neighbourhoods where all people fully belong and thrive.

As a Green Party of Ontario candidate, Morgan strives to create a thriving green economy that provides competitive opportunities for small and local businesses. As a Toronto resident, he is keenly aware of the housing affordability challenges facing all residents and is passionate about giving cities the tools to build housing options that benefit all people.

This is Morgan’s first election as a candidate, but he is excited to communicate the Green Party of Ontario’s message of progress, environmental stewardship and green economics.

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