Michelle Corbett



Michelle Corbett is a medically retired teacher, with a background in IT, a diverse volunteer history, and is an avid fiber artist. She had lived in Bowmanville for over thirty years. Michelle has been inspired to run for MPP for Bowmanville because she regards caring for the aging community as one of the most important issues faced by our nation, and knows the Green Party’s approach – people centered healthcare – is the best way forward.  Be the Change you want to See in the World.

Having gone to Nippissing University in North Bay at 43 Michelle has an open minded look at learning. Obtaining first a Liberal Arts B.A. she then went on to complete her B.Ed with a  focus on high school Art and History.  Her first teaching position was on a remote fly-in First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. This move would redefine her definition of “North”.  While there her eyes were opened to the residential school survivors plight, combined with the extreme poverty of the community. During her tenure Michelle shared her passion for education with adults as well as students.  Michelle assisted other First Nation Teachers in obtaining their teaching degrees (just ask about the 2 level education available to FN) 

Michelle has also worked for the CRA assisting taxpayers from one side of the country to the other with their taxation issues.   As a Volunteer Michelle has worked with the: Distress Center of Durham Region, the Aids Committee of Durham Region and the Literacy Center of North Bay, and Angels Therapeutic Riding for the Disabled.  

As a new member of the Green Party, Michelle was attracted by the Green commitment to Health Care and a focus on the people of Ontario. “Our vision seeks to make sure that access to health care is available when you need it, that it supports keeping us in good health, and that public health policy development considers the social determinants of health.  In short, we believe in a people-centred approach to health.”

Michelle is the mother of two, boys who have grown into wonderful men. Her learning bug was filled through the exploration of experiencing living history in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Nothing hooks you on history more than feeling chain mail, or weaving cloth, or for that matter learning dance with a group of like-minded individuals.