Lindsay Falt

Brampton South


Lindsay Falt, BSc, BPR, MA

As a lifelong learner, Lindsay has continued to challenge herself and those around her to seek out knowledge, learn to identify process improvements and continuously adapt to ensure the best and most efficient outcomes are achieved.

As a student, in an effort to help improve cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, she researched best communication training practices for volunteers working with NGOs in developing countries.

As a volunteer, she has worked on and for boards to identify, communicate and educate on best practices in effective governance, in communications, and to foster mentorship through new and established mentorship programs.

As a marketing manager, she has helped promote innovative learning programs for physicians and allied healthcare practitioners around the world, keeping them at the forefront of the latest evidence and protocols, leading to improved patient outcomes.

And as a politician, she will work to drive social justice, empower citizens, invest in innovative jobs of the future and make the environment a priority. These are the core values she shares with the Green Party of Ontario and these are the values that make her the best choice for your Brampton South MPP.