Ken Burns



Hello! I’m Ken Burns, or probably better known as The Green Guy.

Like many people when I grew up my parents were divorced. This meant I had two homes, one in Collingwood and one here in Brant. My roots are here. I currently live in the county with my wife Lori, my mother Karen, and our two dogs; Pinot and Ginger.

I love learning and being of service. I started my career in the arts, as a stage manager and then moved on to become a business rep for the professional association for Canadian artists.

After that I became passionate about solar energy and started my own small business, this lead to getting my Masters degree in Environment & Business.

When I built our house it was important to me to demonstrate many of the sustainable building practices available including: passive and active solar, grey water recycling, rain water harvesting, radiant floor heating, and energy efficient lighting.

Currently I’m an officer with the Ministry of Labour in employment standards and also serve as a union rep for OPSEU.

When I was in High School you’d never guess that I’d end up being the Green party candidate for Brantford-Brant. Partly because we didn’t have a Green party back then, but also because I never thought I’d get into politics.

I’m running because climate change is the single biggest threat to our municipality that there is, and I believe Sustainability is the answer. Sustainability is a big word, but the idea is simple. It’s about building the communities we want at a price we can afford, now—and in the future.

I want to kick start local job creation by supporting clean tech innovation, living wages and fair taxes for small business. I want to focus on preventing illness, not just treating it.

Most importantly, I want Brant to prosper.

Because of that belief I’m active in the community, serving on local advisory committees and am a member of the chamber of Commerce.

I’m the past vice-chair of the Brantford Brownfield Community Advisory Committee (BCAC), Chair of the Environmental Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC), a member of the Sustainability Brant Community Energy Co-operative, and a member of the Concerned Citizens of Brant (CCOB).

People might remember me as the GPO Candidate for Brant in 2011 and 2014. I’m proud to say that in 2014 twice as many people supported me with their vote as in 2011. I feel good about the potential for this year’s election! It’s all about people powered change.

I believe it’s important to know your neighbors and help each other make the place you live the best it can be now—and in the future. I love to hear different perspectives on making change, which is why I connected Brant with an international organization called: Green Drinks, a non-political monthly networking event where we discuss the economy and the environment.

I’d love to meet you. Contact me to join Green Drinks or find out more about the Brant Greens.