Halyna Zalucky

Parkdale—High Park


Parkdale High Park is my home. I want to work in government, and with governments, to support the community’s existing vibrant diversity and to enrich its economic and environmental sustainability. In addition to passion and energy, I will bring experience, insight and a collaborative spirit to this work and my community.”

Halyna Zalucky founded and runs a small business, “The Roots Collaborative”. It is a not-for-profit consultancy that promotes sustainable workplaces, households, and communities primarily in Toronto. She was born in Toronto and her education includes:

  • B.A. in International Relations University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs and M.A University of Kent.
  • Certificate in Sustainability Management, Ryerson University, The Chang School
  • Climate Reality Leader Corps, an initiative founded and led by former Vice-President Al Gore

Much of my life has focused on resilience and sustainabilityWe need to work together for a healthy and prosperous future by making well-informed decisions today.”

Halyna has 14 years of experience in local and international project planning and sustainability management and has committed time to many environmental, human rights and climate leadership programs including: Step Up, Canada!;  Transition TorontoCOP 15, 16 and 17;  Equal Voice- Toronto;  Peoples Climate Movement;  BSIS Environmental Forum, Belgium;  Aviation sans Frontières-Belgique (ASF) ; Aprodev and Faith Secretariat;  African Leadership ExperienceInternational Elections Monitor, Ukraine (10, 06, 04).  She was also a Green Party organizer and campaign strategist in the 2011 and 2014 Ontario elections.

Halyna maintains a daily Ashtanga yoga practice and is a certified instructor. She loves spending time outdoors  – running, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing – and is also a fan of documentaries.

“I believe in the Green Party of Ontario’s vision for jobs, people, and the planet. The Green plan is the only one that recognises and deals with the challenges small businesses face while promoting job growth. I further believe that healthy people equal a healthy economy, and the GPO approach provides a framework to tackle issues such as mental health, addiction, and disease prevention. 

I am honoured to represent a party that seems to really care and would work hard to ensure the concerns of my community are represented at Queens Park.”