Grad Murray

York South—Weston


I am a Canadian born to Jamaican parents with one immigrating to Canada. I have a passion for politics and sensible policies. I plan to do politics differently, I draw upon: education, life experiences and activism. With a degree in Political Science I focused on public policy and its transition into citizen’s everyday life.

I take my education and life experiences where I draw upon what many would encounter coming from modest means. I believe those experiences and my ongoing efforts in activism fueled my desire to run and serve the people and communities who put me in elected office.

I believe I bring a new way of thinking that can challenge the status quo and perspective.  It is with great pleasure to serve the people of Ontario and to put the community first. It’s time that I become the voice for those who feel they do not have a voice. I believe it’s time to bring back sensible policies to government. I believe it’s time to put people first and I truly believe it’s time that we protect the planet for future generations.