Gianne Broughton



Gianne Broughton is a pro-active globally-minded person who initiates and celebrates local community innovation and development. Eldest daughter of a professor of agriculture and a food services technician, she is drawn to responsible land use and spends free time helping out on organic farms. After a distinguished career in international ecological development and peace, three years ago she moved to Peterborough to run her own business as a tutor (French, English, and Overcoming Dyslexia). She has already made a difference in the lives of many Peterborough-Kawartha students. Recognizing that there is an ecological injustice connected to almost every social injustice, she decided to run for the Green Party of Ontario in order to put her skills to the service of social justice and intelligent ecological living.

In a Native Studies program at Trent University in the early 1980’s, she became aware that every time the land or the water or the air is polluted, that is a violation of the spirit of the treaties. She believes that people involved in government must act so as to honour the treaties and Indigenous Peoples, and support them in their on-going care of the land. For these reasons she began volunteering for the Green Party about nine years ago, acting as chief financial officer for several constituency associations and electoral districts.

She has a master’s degree in Rural Planning and Development, and knows how ecologically sound innovation can vitalize a local economy. She is committed to being honest about the problems we face and to making careful decisions based on evidence, science and best practises as efficiently and rapidly as possible.