Chris Caldwell



Christopher Caldwell is passionate about making positive change in community planning and development and environmental conservation. Born and raised in Mimico, he has lived in South Etobicoke more than forty years. After over a decade in the corporate business sector, Chris returned to University in 2005 to pursue his passion for sustainable development by pursuing an Environmental Studies undergraduate degree. His performance in academics earned him a national award for research into ‘Human Impacts on the Environment’ examining urban sprawl and received an early entrance scholarship to the Masters in Environmental Studies in Urban Planning and Sustainability completed in 2009 along with a diploma in Business and Environment from the Schulich School of Business.

In 2010, with concerns about sustainable transportation, development, food security and income inequality, Chris campaigned for Toronto council on a platform of greater community involvement in both planning decisions and participatory budget.

A continuous learner, Chris has recently completed his second Master’s degree at the University of Toronto in Adult Education and continues to be dedicated to renewing integrity in politics and empowering the middle class for a sustainable future by running with the Green Party. Chris is a published author on the topic of corporate social responsibility and currently consults on learning and development for organizations.

“I am running with the Green Party to help make history. We clearly need a better option than business as usual. Time is of the essence. Too long have we been let down by the obvious corruption and corporate pandering, affecting the quality of our health, environment and the viability of our communities. Time for positive change. I will stand to take action to set policy and ensure comfort for our elders and sustainable opportunities for our youth. This is my promise.”