Cherie Wong

Ottawa Centre

About Cherie

Cherie Wong is proud to represent Ottawa-Centre in the upcoming provincial election. As a queer young woman of colour in politics, Cherie seeks to engage socially marginalized groups in this upcoming Ontario election!

Cherie graduated from the University of Ottawa in July 2017, with double honours in Criminology and Psychology. As she began her degree, Cherie began her political involvement volunteering for Elizabeth May in the House of Commons.

Cherie has been an active participant in her community and Canadian politics. Among with other youths, Cherie led the team to organize 2017 People’s Climate March in Ottawa. During her time at uOttawa, Cherie was an active volunteer in student community, she was elected to the uOttawa’s residence association, and volunteered as English tutor and foot patroller.

As part of her engagement in youth politics, Cherie is sitting her second term with the Young Greens of Canada as Co-Chair, and serving as Youth Policy Critic of the GPC. Cherie’s commitment and passion had led her to becoming a key leader figure in the Young Greens movement in Canada.

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