Brian Munroe

Hamilton East—Stoney Creek

About Brian

Brian was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  He moved to North York and was raised by a single mother, along with his 2 brothers and sister.  After completing his Business Administration Diploma, Brian went out into the workforce for a couple of years before returning to college to take Electronics.

Brian has spent over 25 years in the barcoding/mobile computing industries, wearing many different hats, including Sales, Technical Consulting, Customer Service Management and Business Development roles.  Brian is currently an entrepreneur, running his own consulting company, working on projects for both large and mid-size companies in Canada and the United States to improve efficiencies.

Brian has lived in Stoney Creek for 13 years and resides here with his wife, Annette and her 2 adult children; Laura and Daniel.  He is active in the amateur theatre community, performing in many musicals and plays over the years and making his directing debut in the fall.

“I joined the Green Party of Ontario recently because I believe that our planet is in grave danger and our current local government isn’t doing enough to address it.  I believe we need to find a better way to promote business in Ontario in harmony with fragile ecosystems.   I want to protect our drinking water and the air we breathe.  I want to use my skills to improve efficiencies to reduce government waste without losing the ability to be effective”.

Brian wants the Ontario government to work for the people that elect them; not to forward the agendas of special interest groups.

“I want to make a difference in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.  I hope I can count on your support”



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