Anne Faulkner



Anne Faulkner is a retired teacher (33 years in both the separate & the public systems, as well as the elementary & secondary) with a Master’s degree in Education. She and her husband reside on a 25 acre plot of Carolinian forest just outside Simcoe. Anne strongly believes in the core green principles. For instance, her house is heated solely with a geothermal furnace, which delivers a saving of 2/3 over regular electric heating, all lights are LED, insulation in all walls and ceilings has been greatly increased. Her yard has been pesticide free for the last 16 years, protecting kids, animals and the water supply alike. Even the car she drives is a gas miser. Anne and her family have invested a significant amount in community owned renewable energy projects. She is a strong supporter of public education, right from kindergarten through to post secondary, as well as small businesses and family farms. Her father was a beef farmer who taught her the value of waste not want not. In her spare time, Anne loves to spend time with her grand children, as well as tend to her cats, 2 indoor tabbies, straight from the Humane Society, and 1 outdoor stray, who has been coming around for 12 years now…