Commuting shouldn’t harm your health or the environment

Commuting. It’s something we do nearly every day.

Whether it’s to daycare, school, work, or wherever your day takes you, your commute shouldn’t harm your health or the environment.

Transportation is Ontario’s biggest source of pollution, but the Ford government isn’t committed to solving the problem. Instead they’ve said they’re committed to building more highways.

Ontario Greens have a plan to invest in transit and make it safe, fast and affordable. That plan includes increasing transit by adding more dedicated bus lanes and fully electrifying GO Transit and Metrolinx vehicles.

We’re committed to creating healthy communities that let you spend time on the things you love the most, instead of on the road.

This should be Ford’s plan too, but instead, he just wants more highways.

Add your voice and tell Ford to get off the road and fully electrify Ontario’s public transit.