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Proposed Dresden landfill an environmental hazard

March 13, 2024

KITCHENER — Ontario Greens Deputy Leader and MPP for Kitchener Centre Aislinn Clancy released the following statement calling on the Ford government to reject an application from waste management service YORK1 for a proposed landfill and recycling site in Dresden, Ontario.

“The landfill and recycling site being proposed in Dresden is a massive environmental hazard that cannot be allowed to proceed.

The proposed site has a direct connection to the Sydenham River, which is home to over 33 species at risk. For one of them – the Salamander mussel – it’s the only known habitat to exist in Canada.

But all of those species, their habitats and the region’s biodiversity are at risk of disappearing if toxic runoff from the landfill contaminates the river.

Dresden residents have been crystal-clear on this matter. They want their agricultural land and waterways protected from environmental hazards – but the Ford government isn’t listening.

Ontario Greens call on the Ford government to reject YORK1’s application and commit to protecting the long-term health of Sydenham River and the communities surrounding it.”