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PC posturing won’t deliver affordability relief

February 15, 2024

KITCHENER — Ontario Greens Deputy Leader and MPP for Kitchener Centre Aislinn Clancy released the following statement in response to news the provincial government plans to ban the implementation of future tolls on provincially owned highways.

This is yet another meaningless piece of political theatre that does nothing to deliver the relief Ontarians need now.

If this government really wants to save Ontarians money, why don’t they come to the table with a real plan to deliver on their long-awaited transit promises?

So many communities, including my own, are still waiting for all-day, two-way GO services and intercity bus routes that help residents save money and time by cutting out soul-crushing commutes.

Reliable transit options are a must if we want to save Ontarians money, crush climate pollution and reduce congestion on our roads.”