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Ford government must step up with solutions to childcare crisis

February 5, 2024

KITCHENER — Ontario Greens' deputy leader and MPP for Kitchener Centre Aislinn Clancy released the following statement in response to the closure of a Toronto daycare that will leave 100 families without childcare.

“Ontario parents need better access to reliable, affordable childcare.

But Ontario’s childcare crisis has been steadily worsening for months now – and the effects are being felt all across the province.

The $10-a-day program delivers desperately needed cost savings to parents and caregivers – but the current revenue replacement model has left operators saddled with unsustainable debt levels.

Now, those operators are sounding the alarm that they’re at risk of closing if the model doesn’t change.

The Ford government needs to step up and work with the federal government to update the revenue replacement funding formula.

Otherwise, we’ll continue to see operators opt out of the $10-a-day model because they just can’t afford it.

More than half of Ontario kids live in childcare deserts. I have constituents reaching out to my office in Kitchener telling me they have had to quit their jobs because they can’t find childcare. It’s unacceptable.

This government should be focused on expanding $10-a-day access by investing in hiring and retaining childcare workers with fair wages and safe working conditions. But right now, they’re headed in the opposite direction.”