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Ahead of Fall Economic Statement, Ontario Greens call on Ford government to fund housing solutions

October 31, 2023

QUEEN'S PARK — Ontario Greens leader and MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement outlining his priorities for the upcoming Fall Economic Statement.

“As the Fall Economic Statement looms, this government has a chance to step up and show Ontarians they’re ready to solve the housing crisis gripping our province.

To make up for five years of time wasted on flip-flops and distraction tactics.

There’s no doubt: our province needs a wartime effort to get more homes built now.

That means public and private actors coming together to mobilize an all-hands on deck building campaign like this province hasn’t seen in decades.

It means funding for market and non-market solutions that will ensure everyone has a place to call home.

It means putting aside party politics and working together to deliver the relief Ontarians need.

In the Fall Economic Statement, Ontario Greens are looking for funding in three key areas to support a wartime housing effort:

  • Money to end homelessness through massive investments in non-market housing solutions like permanently affordable non-profit, co-op and supportive housing;
  • Money to make home ownership a reality for more Ontarians by ensuring municipalities have the funding they need to achieve their ambitious housing targets; and
  • Money to support climate-friendly building through residential retrofit grants and funding for renewables.

Our communities have been crystal clear. They want homes they can afford in communities they know and love – and they don’t want to pave over our prime farmland to get there. It’s time for this government to step up and deliver.”