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Ford’s Greenbelt giveaway review will make the housing crisis worse

September 7, 2023

GUELPH — Ontario Greens leader and MPP for Guelph, Mike Schreiner, released the following statement in response to comments made this morning by Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Paul Calandra.

“Ford’s Greenbelt giveaway review is absurd.

It will make the housing crisis worse because these lands don’t have the infrastructure needed to build homes or communities.

Digging a deeper hole into the Greenbelt will not get the Premier out of his $8.3 billion scandal.

There is enough land already approved for development to build not only 1.5 million homes, but to build 2 million homes.

Instead of taking urgent action to build homes people can afford on land already approved for development, the Ford government is wasting precious time and money focused on paving over the Greenbelt so wealthy, Ford-connected insiders can cash in billions of dollars at our expense.

We need a Premier focused on helping ordinary people afford a home, not on breaking all the rules for wealthy, Ford-connected insiders to cash in billions.”