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Clark may be gone but the smell of corruption lingers

September 5, 2023

“Minister Clark’s departure was inevitable.

Although it is a step toward accountability, Ford’s Greenbelt scandal is far from over.

A corrupt process led to a corrupt decision to remove protections from Greenbelt lands.

As it stands, wealthy Ford-connected insiders are still cashing in billions and Greenbelt land is still under threat.

So, if Doug Ford thinks his minister’s resignation is the end of the $8.3 billion Greenbelt scandal, he is wrong.

The people of Ontario deserve honest answers to how a corrupt process could lead to $8.3 billion in windfall profits for wealthy, Ford-connected insiders.

That is why the Ontario Greens continue to call for the protection of all Greenbelt lands and for an independent, public inquiry into Ford’s $8.3 billion Greenbelt giveaway.

The days of deflecting, denying and delaying are over.

The Premier keeps assuring us the buck stops with him. It’s time for him to step up and prove it.”