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About Mike

Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario and MPP for Guelph, is the first Green MPP elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2018.

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Mike Schreiner lays out bold plan for
prosperity in the North at NOMA conference

April 26, 2023

THUNDER BAY — Party leader and MPP for Guelph, Mike Schreiner, addressed Ontario Greens’ priorities for strengthening Northern Ontario at the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA)’s annual conference.

“There are serious cracks in the systems we depend on every day, from jobs to healthcare, education to housing,” Schreiner told conference attendees.

“Everywhere you look, homes are too expensive and far too many people do not have a safe, affordable place to live.”

Ontario Greens have a bold plan to build thriving communities in Northern Ontario – with new career opportunities and better jobs in the new climate economy.

“Everyone here knows that Northern Ontario has the potential to be a world leader in developing climate-friendly businesses and good green jobs,” Schreiner said.

“We can create hundreds of thousands of jobs retrofitting homes and buildings to save money and energy; manufacturing transit rail cars, heat pumps and renewable sources of electricity, and creating low-carbon products and technologies.”

Schreiner stressed the importance of having a provincial government ready to work in partnership with northern municipalities and Indigenous nations to build shared prosperity in a mining-to-manufacturing electric battery and vehicle supply chain while protecting the land, water, wildlife and people who live in the North.

He also spoke about the urgent need to build homes in affordable, connected communities with a range of housing options that people – especially young people – want and need.

“We’re not going to solve the housing crisis by resorting to last-century thinking and making last-century mistakes,” Schreiner said.

“Ontario Greens are committed to partnering with you to build communities that are safer, healthier, more livable, affordable and climate-resilient.

“Together let’s use the lessons we’ve learned to open the door to new solutions.”