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Mike Schreiner and candidate Matt Richter talk Green solutions in Parry Sound–Muskoka

April 2, 2022

Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner was in Bracebridge today with Parry Sound–Muskoka candidate Matt Richter to meet with residents about Green solutions.

TORONTO — Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner was in Bracebridge today alongside Parry Sound-Muskoka candidate Matt Richter to meet with residents about Green solutions to local issues, including the housing affordability and cost of living crises.

“Ontario Greens have real solutions to the challenges facing the people of Parry Sound–Muskoka,” Schreiner said. “From tackling the housing affordability crisis with policies like expanding zoning options and making transit like the Northlander more affordable and accessible, to helping people cut their energy bills with a Green retrofit program.”

Scheiner and Richter met with residents across Bracebridge before speaking with locals at a town hall at the Bracebridge Sportsplex.

“The time for change is now,” Richter said. “Our team has talked to over 20,000 voters in the riding already, and we are hearing over and over again that the status quo is not working for so many people in Parry Sound–Muskoka. Half measures on addressing the housing and climate crises won’t cut it.”

At the town hall, Schreiner and Richter emphasized the positive impact one Green MPP has already had.

“Imagine what more Green MPPs could do for quality of life here in Parry Sound–Muskoka and across Ontario,” Schreiner said. “We can build a more affordable, caring and Green Bracebridge, PSM and Ontario. Where everyone has an affordable place to call home, an affordable way to get around, and access to affordable care.”