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Schreiner urges Brampton to vote no on Highway 413

January 26, 2022

Ontario Greens are urging Brampton’s City Council to vote against supporting Highway 413.


TORONTO — Mike Schreiner made the following statement ahead of Brampton Council’s vote on Highway 413:

“Highway 413 will be a climate and fiscal disaster for Ontario and I’m urging Brampton’s City Council to vote against supporting it.

More highways and urban sprawl will make life less affordable.

Highway 413 would pave over 2,000 acres of farmland, 400 acres of the Greenbelt, and cut through 85 waterways.

And through induced demand, it will actually make traffic even worse, not better.

That means more cars on the road, worse air quality for our kids, and even more climate pollution. People should not be forced to commute hours to find an affordable place to call home.

It’s 10 billion dollars that will create 10 billion problems.

There are other options to help ease gridlock — like improving transit options and using Highway 407 for transport trucks.

It’s time to invest money in real solutions like: electrified transit and 15 minute communities that will reduce climate pollution and protect greenspaces, while supporting the 870,000 food and farming jobs that contribute $50 billion to Ontario’s economy.”