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Doug Ford’s stickers deserve to be in the dustbin of history

October 1, 2020

doug Ford's government is wasting taxpayers’ money playing politics with the climate crisis

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Ford government accepted the ruling that their gas station stickers are unconstitutional:

“I still cannot believe the Premier thought he could get away with this ridiculous stunt.

He wanted to penalize small businesses with a $10,000 fine if they failed to display his shameful, misleading anti-climate stickers.

The Premier has given up on this embarrassing scheme, but it doesn’t change his total inaction on the climate crisis.

Instead of reducing pollution, the Premier has spent two years dismantling Ontario’s climate action plans and waging war with the federal government to sabotage solutions.

These stickers deserve to be in the dustbin of history, and so does the Premier’s Made-to-Fail climate plan.

Let’s focus on combating the COVID crisis and the climate crisis, instead of wasting time and money on expensive political stunts.”