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Ford lets big polluters off the hook

September 21, 2020

Big polluters get off easy under Premier Doug Ford’s Made-to-Fail climate plan which will not meet emissions targets

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the federal government accepted Ontario’s carbon pricing plan for large emitters:

“Doug Ford’s plan for big polluters barely made the grade and will not come close to meeting Ontario’s climate obligations.

Ottawa was forced to accept the plan from a legal perspective, but they criticized the Ford government for weak rules that will not deliver meaningful climate action.

Big polluters continue to get off easy under the Premier’s Made-to-Fail climate plan, which the Auditor General has shown will not meet the weakest of emissions targets.

This decision does nothing to change the fact that Ford has been taking an axe to environmental protections, gutting laws that protect our forests, farms, drinking water and endangered species.”