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Schreiner statement on FAO spending analysis

May 28, 2020

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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the FAO’s spending analysis for 2020-21:

“I’d like to thank the Financial Accountability Officer for holding the government accountable and exposing once again that the Premier’s numbers simply cannot be trusted.

This is a breach of trust at a time when people expect complete honesty from our leaders about their pandemic response.

While the Premier claims to be pulling out all the stops, it turns out that 20% of his action plan isn’t even related to COVID-19, including a big healthcare portion that simply maintained pre-COVID service levels.

This magic math explains why so many low-income groups have not received financial relief to offset the crisis, from renters to people with disabilities.

The manipulation of the numbers reinforces the need for a fully independent public inquiry into long-term care so the public receives honest answers without political tricks to hide the truth.”