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Greens make gains in Ottawa by-elections

February 28, 2020

“We’ll take these results as a positive sign of the impact we’re having at Queen’s Park. Voters expressed their displeasure with the Premier, and I expect that more and more of them will turn to the Greens in 2022,” said party leader Mike Schreiner.

Greens received 8.5% of the vote in Ottawa-Vanier, while also claiming their best result ever in Orléans.

While Greens and Liberals were on the positive side of the ledger, both the Progressive Conservatives and NDP lost votes compared to 2018 vote.

“These were extremely strong Liberal ridings, so I’m not surprised the party continued to do so well there.

Our candidates, Andrew West and Ben Koczwarski, represented the Green Party very well, with a lot of hard work and energy. I want to thank them and all our local volunteers for offering voters a positive Green option,” said Schreiner.

“I’ll keep showing the difference that just a single Green can make at Queen’s Park and making the case for more Green MPPs in the next election,” said Schreiner.