Schreiner statement on links between Vaughan Working Families and PC Party

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after Vaughan Working Families was linked to a lawyer with PC Party connections:

“The links that have been uncovered to the PC party add more fuel to the fire.

It really appears like the people behind these ads have something to hide or else they would have come forward to identify themselves.

But now that we know the director of Vaughan Working Families is a PC appointee who was photographed with the Education Minister three months ago, it raises more alarms.

Mr. Annibale’s appointment to LCBO took place just as the patronage scandal broke, when Conservatives were caught dishing out plum positions to friends and allies.

We need the Education Minister and Minister Fedeli – who made the appointment – to disclose to the people of Ontario the nature of their relationship with Mr. Annibale.

And given the by-elections in Ottawa, it would be appropriate for Elections Ontario to investigate if there has been a breach of political advertising laws.”