Feds cannot sign off on Ford’s Made-to-Fail climate plan

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after 30 groups urged the federal government to reject Ontario’s carbon pricing plan for large emitters:

“I agree with environmental groups and urge the federal government to reject Ford’s Made-to-Fail carbon pricing plan for big emitters.

The government has trafficked in climate delay and denial, ripping up an evidence-based climate plan and replacing it with a do-nothing plan that will not even deliver on the weakest emissions targets.

The federal government must reject the lax rules for large emitters, which the Auditor General exposed last year when she tore Ford’s plan to shreds.

We cannot give big polluters a free pass and let them skip out on their responsibility to fight climate change.

I ask the federal government to hold firm by requiring that Ontario follow the stronger federal standards for large emitters rather than letting them off the hook.”