Schreiner statement on trade mission to Washington

Mike Schreiner released the following statement about the Premier’s upcoming trip to Washington to boost trade:

“If the Premier is serious about attracting US investment and trade, he needs to stop ripping up contracts and attacking the fast growing clean economy.

From cancelling over 750 renewable energy contracts to threatening to rip up the Beer Store contract, the Premier’s actions have hurt Ontario’s reputation as a reliable place to do business.

It’s hard to attract investment and trade when the US Chamber of Commerce says Ford’s actions have sent a “negative signal” to international businesses and investors.

It is hard for Ontario to attract some of the $255 billion automakers will spend on electric vehicle production when the province’s auto strategy barely mentions EVs.

It is hard for Ontario to attract some of the $325 billion investors are pouring into clean energy projects every year when the Ford government is attacking clean energy.

Ontario should lead the clean economy revolution.

I urge the Premier to embrace the new economy when he visits the US.”