Schreiner statement on coronavirus

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after news of the first confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ontario and 19 other cases under investigation:

“Thank you to all public health officials and frontline staff who are working around the clock to safeguard our health and prepare for possible cases of coronavirus.

I am reassured by the words of public health officials who say the risk to Ontarians is low, and I appreciate their transparency in keeping us all updated as the situation evolves.

Above all, I encourage people to follow the advice of public health experts by washing their hands often, practicing proper sneezing and coughing techniques, staying home if they feel unwell, and contacting their healthcare provider.

Situations like this underscore the importance of having fully funded public health departments who can act quickly to execute the highest standards of infection control.

I urge the province to make every resource available to prevent the spread of this virus.”