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Cancellation of Nation Rise Wind Farm

December 19, 2019


“This was a questionable decision made under false pretenses.

Ford openly stated that he would tear down every wind turbine in the province if he could, and now he is fudging the science to make good on that pledge.

The reason cited for the cancellation is contradicted by the independent tribunal that found no evidence of significant risk to bat populations.

Ford’s actions could cost millions in cancellation fees and further damage the province’s reputation as a reliable place to invest and create clean economy jobs.

Ontario should be protecting wildlife from real threats, not imagined ones that only serve the Premier’s political agenda.

The Conservatives are distorting the truth, looking for any avenue to paint all wind projects with the same brush in their reckless and irrational crusade against clean energy.

Once again, it tells businesses that no contract in Ontario is safe from the Premier’s political interference.

The tragic irony is that while the Conservatives pretend to protect species-at-risk, they have actually gutted the Endangered Species Act, making it easier to bulldoze their habitat.”