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PC climate plan based on magic thinking

December 4, 2019


“Magic math and magic markets will not solve the climate emergency.

This report is a shocking rebuke of Ford’s Made-to-Fail climate plan.

The Auditor General has crunched the numbers and exposed this government for trying to pull a fast one on the people of Ontario with what amounts to a fake plan.

It’s bad enough that Ford weakened Ontario’s emission targets below what is required to limit warming to 1.5C.

Now we discover they’ve used phony accounting and poor modelling to project emission reductions that will be impossible to achieve under Ford’s anti-climate agenda.

Ford is not only trying to sabotage the federal government’s climate plan, he is undermining his own government’s plan.

At every step of the way, Ford’s policies are undermining any hope of reducing climate pollution, from ripping out EV chargers to diluting the pollution standards for big emitters to relying on innovation with no programs to support it.

The government can no longer point to its Made-to-Fail climate plan when confronted by tens of thousands of young people rallying every Friday for climate action and livable future.”