Schreiner statement on meeting of Canada’s Premiers

Green Party of Ontario leader, Mike Schreiner released the following statement on the meeting of Canada’s Premiers:

“It is disappointing that this meeting failed to build national unity around a shared vision for how Canada can be a leader in jobs and investment in the $26 trillion global clean economy.

Doubling down on business as usual puts our economy at risk and delays opportunities for workers and businesses in the clean and caring economy.

Every Friday young people are marching for action to address the climate crisis.

But this meeting was completely silent on creating clean and caring economy jobs. Instead, the Premiers focused on burning more fossil fuels rather than answering the call for leadership on the climate crisis.

If Premier Ford wants to promote national unity, he must stop wasting tax dollars trying to sabotage climate solutions with stickers that don’t stick and lawsuits that waste time and money.”