Schreiner agrees with NDP motion condemning Quebec’s Bill 21

Mike Schreiner, the MPP for Guelph, released the following statement after MPPs voted in favour of the NDP motion condemning Quebec’s Bill 21:

“Quebec’s Bill 21 is an attack on the religious freedoms enshrined in our constitution, and it truly has no place in a free and fair society. Citizens should not be forced to compromise their religious beliefs to keep their public sector job. 

I strongly support the NDP motion, and I am pleased that it passed without opposition. 

It is unfortunate, however, that there was not a recorded vote on the motion so that all MPPs could be on the record. 

It is important that Ontario makes a strong statement against religious discrimination to show solidarity with religious minorities in Quebec and to signal that this kind of legislation would never be tolerated in Ontario. 

I encourage the Premier to abide by the spirit of the motion and formally request that Premier Legault withdraw Bill 21.”