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Premier’s energy scandal is a plan for economic failure

November 21, 2019


“It is outrageous that the Premier feels ‘proud’ about ripping up clean energy contracts at a cost of $231 million to the people of Ontario.

The attack on clean energy is not only fiscally reckless, it is a plan for economic failure.

Europe’s largest bank is completely divesting from fossil fuels, while global investors pour $322 billion annually into clean energy projects over the next 5 years, according to the International Energy Agency.

Ye this Premier stated in Question Period that he would get rid of every wind turbine in Ontario if he could.

This is an alarming sign of the Premier’s economic judgment.

The cost of land-based wind energy has dropped by 71% in the last 35 years, while wind power became the lowest-cost source of new electricity generation in Canada in 2018.

No investor would recommend buying high and selling low, but that’s exactly what the Premier is doing.

Ford’s attack on clean energy will keep Ontario in the dark ages while the rest of the world transitions to a prosperous economic future.

Unlike the Premier, I want Ontario to attract investment and create jobs in the fast growing clean and caring economy.”