Schreiner responds to termination of 9 health care executives

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after nine LHIN executives were laid off by the government:

“The Premier has yet to show how his preoccupation with a new organizational chart will fix hallway medicine or improve patient care.

I take no issue with looking for ways to make our healthcare system more efficient, but this cannot substitute for much needed investments in hospitals, primary care, home care, and long-term care spaces.

A new org chart makes little difference to the elderly person stuck in the hallway waiting for a bed or to the thousands of people desperately needing mental health support.

The government’s funding for health care fails to keep up with inflation, meaning that the front-line stats are only going to get worse while the bureaucracy gets another makeover.

Emergency room wait times have shot up by two hours, while the Minister has focused on building a super-agency model for the past year.

The fact remains, we cannot cut our way to better healthcare.”