Schreiner responds to ETFO ‘no board’ report

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the ETFO received a ‘no board’ report, putting them in a legal strike position:

“Nobody wants to see an interruption to the school year.

But to end this stalemate, the government side must start giving teachers the assurances they need on class sizes, full-day kindergarten, and support for students with special needs.

Teachers have every right to exercise their labour rights in defence of their jobs and in support of high-quality public education, which are both being threatened by this government.

The Premier threw an unnecessary wrench in negotiations by passing Bill 124, which sends the absolute wrong message to teachers.

It is difficult to keep good faith negotiations on track when one side passes legislation that directly violates constitutionally protected collective bargaining rights.

But we saw that a deal was possible with CUPE workers, so I hold out hope that a fair agreement can be reached that addresses the concerns of teachers.”