Ford should honour promise and drop lawsuit, says Schreiner

Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the Ford government’s lawsuit against the federal government over pollution pricing:

“Doug Ford was betting on carbon pricing being the ballot question last night and it wasn’t.

Since taking power he has wasted our tax dollars to get the public on his side, from partisan radio ads to misleading pump stickers to expensive lawsuits.

It didn’t work.

Voters delivered a split result, but one thing they certainly did not deliver was a mandate to roll back climate action. That much is clear.

A majority of voters rejected the federal party that believes it should be free to pollute.

So I’m asking the Premier to make good on his prior comments that voters should decide the fate of his multi-million dollar lawsuit.

He should drop the campaign to sabotage climate solutions and start showing Ontarians that he actually understands the urgency of the climate crisis.

If the Premier is truly interested in fixing past mistakes, this is the next reset button he should push.”