Mike Schreiner responds to changes to hydro bill

Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding changes to the layout of the residential hydro bill:

“I get nervous anytime the Premier starts dabbling in design.

He has a bad habit of slipping his own political messaging into official Government of Ontario communications, whether it’s border signs or gas pump stickers.

While I believe in full transparency, I’m worried this is being spun as a reduction that the Conservative government itself has implemented.

PC MPPs railed against the Liberal’s multi-billion dollar subsidy program in opposition. It’s wrong for the Premier to try to take credit for it now.

We need an honest conversation about how this subsidy contributes billions to Ontario’s deficit at a time when the Premier is cutting essential public services.

Instead of playing political games with our hydro bills, the Premier should address the root causes of rising electricity prices.

This is why I continue to call for an independent analysis of the costs of all energy sources so that we can make evidence-based decisions and have an honest debate about electricity prices.”