Mike’s response to Ford’s quid pro quo on Toronto public transit

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after reports the Ford government might drop the TTC takeover in exchange for city endorsement of the Ontario Line:

“With such a steady stream of policy reversals, it’s unclear what the Premier actually stands for.

He has a bad habit of making cuts and picking fights, only to back down later after creating a lot of unnecessary chaos.

The Premier spent a year blaming the City of Toronto for all transit delays, desperate to convince us that the only way to get transit built is to wrestle control from them.

Now he’s ready to drop this campaign as long as the city endorses the lines he drew on a map.

It’s confusing and disheartening for people who just want transit built without egos and politics getting in the way.

And I’m worried that Ford’s quid pro quo will be at odds with good transit planning.

We need decisions based on the evidence and the needs of current and future riders who deserve a modern, efficient, and emissions-free transit system.

Political horse-trading puts these priorities in jeopardy.”