Ford’s flood prevention cuts an attack on climate protection

Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, released the following statement after conservation authorities were told to reduce their activities:

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“It makes absolutely no sense for the Premier to make us more vulnerable to flooding at a time when the climate emergency accelerates.

This move is an attack on science.

These are highly technical organizations preventing the damage from floods, monitoring our water quality, and reducing pollution entering the Great Lakes.

And Ontario’s conservation authorities are among the most effective in the country with the resources they have.

But to big developers, the important work to protect the public is an inconvenience.

And the Premier is more than willing to slash environmental protections if it will help his deep-pocketed friends.

Southern Ontario has lost 75% of its wetlands, which are essential to filtering our water, preventing flooding and providing other ecosystem services for free.

We’re losing natural areas everyday to sprawl, exposing us to greater and greater climate impacts.

And Ford’s cuts will make the situation worse, putting profit over the health of our environment and the safety of our communities.”