Ford disrupting education to benefit federal cousins

Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, released the following statement about the government’s delay to classroom size increases:

“The Ford government is delaying one of its most unpopular moves as a desperate attempt to help the federal conservatives in the fall election. 

Ford cut-first-think-later approach unnecessarily created a tremendous amount of chaos, confusion and stress on students, their families and educators over the past year. 

It’s clear that polls matter more than the outcry from students and educators, or else this government would have reversed this decision long ago before schools had to cancel classes.  

We should be making decisions based on the best interests of students, not the best interests of Andrew Scheer. 

It’s unclear how this reversal can even be implemented since classes in STEM and trades and programs for at-risk youth have already been cancelled as a result of the classroom size changes. 

The new Minister says he is listening to students and educators. If that is the case, he should make this reversal permanent so that schools have the certainty they need to restore cancelled programs moving forward. 

Throwing this curveball just days before school resumes is another sign of this government’s willingness to play politics with our public services.”