Premier gave us a transit wish-list, not a real plan

Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, released the following statement regarding possible changes to Ford’s TTC plans:

“Transit projects grind to a halt when political egos get involved. 

News about potential changes to the Scarborough and Yonge extensions confirms Ford’s transit announcement in the spring was a wish-list, not a real plan. 

And if the experts on this panel contradict the Premier’s drawings, will he listen to them? 

Or will he maintain his irrational position that all mass transit should be buried underground, no matter the costs and delays?

After all, it was the Premier’s ideological bias against above-ground rail that helped scuttle the seven-stop Scarborough LRT, which would already be in operation today.  

Politicians should base decisions on evidence, supporting subway construction when it makes fiscal and planning sense, and LRTs when they deliver better service at a lower cost.

This revolving door of political interference only serves to delay transit from being built. 

I urge the Premier to make fiscally responsible decisions based on evidence that maximizes affordable transit service now. No more delays, no more politically motivated slogans or made up lines on a map.”