Premier’s Office has PC insiders on speed dial

Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, issued the following statement after reports about the influence of two lobbyists in the Premier’s Office:

“The Premier might have cut his phone line to the public, but he has kept PC insiders on speed dial. 

The Premier’s closest advisers should not be people with a clear financial stake in securing certain policy outcomes for their private clients, whether it’s construction contracts or liberalized alcohol sales.

If the heads of lobbyist firms are moonlighting as Ford’s closest advisors, then the Premier is playing the same backroom game he railed against the Liberals. 

I’m very concerned the Premier’s Office is unofficially dominated by a gaggle of PC insiders quietly building their own lobbyist empires. 

This is dangerous for democracy. It prevents unbiased decision-making in the public interest.

I urge Premier Ford to tighten rules for lobbyist and increase transparency rather than conducting business under the cloak of darkness.”