Dial-a-Premier was doomed to fail

Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, issued the following statement after the Premier cancelled his personal cell phone:

“Dial-a-Premier was never a responsible way to run a province of 14 million people. It was doomed to fail alongside other ideas like Buck-A-Beer because they are more populist than practical. 

From the outset, this felt more like a stunt than a genuine attempt to connect with people. 

While the Premier was giving out his personal cell number at events, his government was failing to consult with municipal governments, families with autism and educators about hidden cuts to their budgets. 

And given the pushback against the Premier’s ‘cut-first think-later’ approach, I am not surprised his voicemail turned into a complaints hotline. 

The Premier should put the gimmicks aside and actually try to understand why people are so dissatisfied with his government’s austerity agenda.”