What People Powered Change Looks Like

It’s hard to believe that our leader Mike Schreiner was elected to Queen’s Park a year ago this month.

So much as happened since then, both within Ontario and without.

Our Green movement is making inroads from coast to coast. EKOS has even placed our federal cousins in third place(!)

Because of you {Greeting}, we’re having an impact at Queen’s Park. Since last June:

  • We successfully convinced the government to change Bill 66 by removing Schedule 10. Keeping it would have opened up the Greenbelt to development;
  • Our first piece of Green legislation, Bill 71, has support from all parties and has passed second reading. If it becomes law, it will protect the drinking water of more than 200,000 people in the Guelph region;
  • We released a climate plan (www.gpo.ca/climate) weeks before Doug Ford did;
  • Ontario ran the risk of having unenforceable animal cruelty laws in April. Thanks to public pressure, we’re able convince the government to ensure that this didn’t happen;
  • We blew the whistle on the broken campaign promise to keep the Basic Income pilot;
  • We exposed the return of big money to Ontario politics.

This is what People Powered Change looks like.

Even under Doug Ford, victories are possible with grassroots pressure.

These victories are important. But they are not enough.

Ontario desperately needs more Greens at Queen’s Park. With your financial support, we’ll continue to build this movement.

You are such an important part of the GPO’s success! Thank you for standing with us.