Schreiner responds to More Sprawl, Less Democracy Act

QUEEN’S PARK -- Mike Schreiner released the following statement after Bill 108 came into law:

“I’m disappointed not a single PC MPP had the courage to vote against a bill that takes power from people and municipalities and greases the wheels for species loss.

The Green Party of Ontario collected over 23,000 signatures from people opposed to drastic changes that hollow out the Endangered Species Act, rendering it toothless.

I’m disappointed the government refused to press the pause button on changes that make it more difficult for municipalities to build healthy neighbourhoods with rec centres and parkland.

I wish the government had gone further to utilize existing housing stock and land already zoned for development – from tiny homes, to mid-rise buildings to brownfield sites.

Instead, this is a housing strategy from the last century that subsidizes sprawl at the expense of vulnerable wildlife and the democratic authority of municipalities.”