Premier’s fiscal plan hinges on cuts to most vulnerable

Mike Schreiner made the following statement after the axing of the Transition Child Benefit:

“Children fleeing war, famine and the climate crisis are among the most vulnerable in the world, and yet the Ford government wants to make life harder for them when they settle in Ontario.

The Transition Child Benefit was a program of last-resort for refugee claimants unable to qualify for other supports like the Ontario and Canada child benefits.

Taking away the ability of refugee applicants to put food on the table for their children is a heartless act that sends the wrong message that Ontario is not a welcoming place for vulnerable newcomers.

It is simply not acceptable that the Premier’s fiscal plan hinges on $1 billion in cuts to the most vulnerable people in society, including the children of refugee claimants.

It is now abundantly clear why the Premier chose to fire the independent Child Advocate, who would have been standing up for these children and exposing the impact of these cuts.”