Ethics problem in the Premier’s Office

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after new reports of inappropriate political meddling by the Premier’s Office relating to police raids on cannabis dispensaries and the creation of a position for Ron Taverner.

“The Premier’s Office has a bad habit of inappropriate political interference and we continue to learn about the ethical lines being crossed.

It is clear that the Premier and his right-hand-man do not respect the separation that must exist between the Premier’s Office and the police.

We all want to crack down on the illegal cannabis market, but it is completely inappropriate for the Premier’s Office to be directing raids and day-to-day operations of the police.

The decision not to fill a position offered to Ron Taverner also suggests that the Premier’s Office is creating positions out of thin air just to bring more Ford friends into the fold.

Patronage appointments happen with every government, but this Premier feels entitled to put his friends in power even if it means blurring the lines of appropriate behaviour.

Despite what the Premier might believe, being elected does not give him the right to undermine the foundations of our democratic institutions.”